Log Home Design Ideas

Top 10 Log Home Design Ideas for Beautiful Log Cabin Awesome Pictures Inspiration

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Are you a fan of a log home? Well, then it is the perfect idea if you think of building a log home. You have to apply these log home design ideas in order to create the most beautiful and stylish log home. The history of log homes comes from afar in Russia, Scandinavia and other parts in Eastern Europe. But now these homes have been becoming the American’s architecture icons. It is now available in various sizes and styles from the simple and modest log cabins to beautiful and luxury cabins. Actually, the size doesn’t really matter because each house has rustic beauties that attract so many attentions.

Log Wood for Construction

The fact about log home is that it uses a lot of wood in big sizes. That is the reason why most log home owners call for log home manufacturer instead of building it themselves. It is difficult to construct ideal log home so professionals are required.

In this case, contacting the local contractor is the right thing to do to start the construction process to apply the log home design ideas. Milled logs are used by 90% of log home manufacturers while the rest of the manufacturers prefer to handcraft the house. The reputation of the manufacturer is vital because it pretty much determines the quality of log home you will have.

Basic Log Home Ideas

When it comes to basic log home design ideas, there are so many that can be applied. As log home owners, you can apply all the ideas or just a few of them depending on your need and budget. Using high quality log wood comes as the first important thing to do. The log wood can be kept in its natural appearance or painted in other colors.

Interior arrangement comes as the next most important idea. The key here is the balance. You don’t need to create entire hunting lodge design for your house. Instead, you can also incorporate some modern touches into the house. This will turn to be a beautiful combination. Make sure to use comfortable furnishings, natural materials and also inviting colors.

Suppose you are done with the main features, continue to work on the small details. Work on the stain for instance. Stain has become a perfect solution to prevent the home interior from fading. In this case, you can use golden or sheer-colored stain to be applied in certain rooms to individualize it. Do not forget the details. Hang some pictures on the wall and place beautiful classic artworks into the room. This should make the best log home design ideas.

Log Home Design Ideas

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